Saks Fifth Ave. Don't Sell Affection


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    Miss this Kanye

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    Buzzfeed: “17 Black Women Who Deserve their own Biopics”

    Not enough roles for black women in Hollywood? Let’s make some!

    1. Thandie Newton/Alice Walker, 2. Amber Riley/Aretha Franklin, 3. Kerry Washington/Vonetta McGee, 4. Lupita Nyong’o/Grace Jones, 5. Mo’Nique/Hattie McDaniel, 6. Oprah Winfrey/Mary McLeod Bethune, 7. Regina Hall/Moms Mabley, 8. Teyonah Parris/Assata Shakur, 9. Viola Davis/Shirley Chisholm, 10. Jurnee Smollett/Eartha Kitt

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    AFROPUNK music festival in NYC (x)

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    Body comparative #41 (1,2)

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    "For almost 1,000 years, the Rabari have roamed the deserts and plains of what is today western India. It is believed that this tribe, with a peculiar Persian physiognomy, migrated from the Iranian plateau more than a millennium ago. The Rabari are now found largely in Gujarat and Rajasthan.”

    Photos by Jimmy Nelson

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  8. A villager offers flowers to a female adult elephant lying dead on a paddy field in Panbari village.

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  9. Homie. Lover. Friend.


  10. Woke up to Dj Babe this morning 😍


  11. And I can’t explain why, I just love to get high


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    ari fitz, 25, oakland, ca

    TOMBOYISH style vlogger.


  15. Prada. Dimples. 12 years.