Saks Fifth Ave. Don't Sell Affection

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    Stumbled upon some Autostraddle archive and this was under their ‘songs about underwear’ playlist and I have not stopped listening to it. Imagine the things you could do with a song like this…

    here’s that though:

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    Requested by: frontier001

    I saw this and burst into tears oh my god

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    Valentino Haute Couture Spring 2013 Details

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    givenchy haute couture spring/summer 2008

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    Joey Bada$$ - 1999

    The album artwork and the original photo

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    Fall 2014 Collections: The Trends

    Photo by Courtesy

    SIXTIES: Dsquared2 RTW Fall 2014

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    by pairing skate lessons and boards with education initiatives, skateistan — a non profit organization that works with the support of local afghan communities — is using skateboarding as a tool of empowerment for more than four hundred afghan kids, many of whom live on the streets.  

    more than 40 percent of skateistan’s students are female. though girls are banned from riding bikes in afghanistan, skateboarding is novel and remains permissible, and has now become the most popular sport for females in the country. 

    photos from skateistan’s facebook and instagram (see also: skating in uganda)

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  11. Oya is the Yoruba warrior-goddess of fire, wind, magic, fertility, and other chaotic, electrifying phenomena. She’s also the goddess of the Niger river, and she wears a lot of red!

    She is not a goddess in quite the same sense as a Greco-Roman deity, but is an “orisha,” an elemental spirit.

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    'Indian myth and legend' by Donald A. Mackenzie; with illustrations in colour by Warwick Goble and numerous monochrome plates. Published 1913 by The Gresham Publishing Company, London.

    See the complete book here.

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    Jessica Antola, Bena Boys on Stilts, Omo Valley, Ethiopia.

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