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    Model Call: Riley Montana

    At Oscar de la Renta fall 2014: “I liked the short wig. I got a good response from it. But they put so much hair spray on my hair to wrap it up that after I took the wig off, my hair was like a helmet. It was literally rock hard.”

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    For the love of fabric. Image via Selvedge Magazine.

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    Himba women

    Click on link for more info on hair/jewelry/beauty routines.

    Photos by: Matilde Simas

    *Please note: I am always very cautious of objectifying our people, especially the Himba, and not perpetuating human zoos.  However, I hope these pics can at least teach us (me at least) the specifics of the detail of Himba beauty routines, styles, adornment  and some of the functions I had not known before.  For eg, that thick, metal ankle bracelets also work to protect against animal bites.  If anything, I admire their styles greatly as they are in line with all diasporic African traditions, from hair to jewelry.



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    M.I.A.’s secret show / album realese party @ Bushwick warehouse

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  9. I would drink her until my vision is blurry and my friends take away my keys.
    — Rudy Francisco, A Lot Like You (via alotlikeyouu)

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    LaurenceAirline Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook

    by Adriano B.

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    A teen couple from New York told media this week that they have been blocked from going to prom because one of them is trans. 

    Anais Celini wants to bring her boyfriend Nathaniel Baez to her senior prom at Martin Luther High School in Queens. But because Nathaniel is trans, the school said they couldn’t go, calling his transition “unconventional” and “not beneficial.”

    Baez added, “It’s hard because I really wanted her to be able to go to prom with her friends, and me as well, because it is one of the stepping stones in high school.”

    School officials have thus far declined comment, according to Pix 11, but Baez has said that he will plan a private prom celebration for his girlfriend if authorities do not budge by May 22, when the dance will be held.

    Are you KIDDING me right now. Whose business is it that this person is trans? What difference does it make? Since when do we require full-body exams to allow people to go to high school prom?! Ugh.


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    I’ve always really loved this picture of Josephine Baker and Joe Louis in Paris in the 1950s. The photo caption from Bettman/Corbis read that Ms. Baker was encouraging Mr. Louis to sing with her during her opening performance at the Club Des Champs Elysees, but I’ve always wondered about the whole night: What did they talk about? Who were they with that evening? There are other photos of them together in this time frame and it’s clear that they were friends (not romantic) and probably had very interesting conversations. Photo by Rene Henry, Bettman/Corbis.


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  15. Feelings are just visitors, let them come and go.
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